Workshops, Seminars and Courses For Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
On a regular basis, ‘Milestone Education Consult’ conducts workshops and seminars to help Montessori teachers and other professionals in education keep abreast of happenings and developments in Montessori practice and education in general.  In addition, we also provide tailor-made workshops and seminars for schools which require training for staff in specific areas.  These workshops are conducted mostly during school holidays and are open to ‘Milestone Education Consult’ students and the public in general. As a forward looking teacher training centre, we keep on developing courses to suit the education labour market and the needs of employers; apart from our seminars and workshops, we have new courses that are being developed from time-to-time.
The school’s philosophy embraces internationalism in its widest sense. Education is a global phenomenon; as such, we seek excellence wherever it is to be found and use it to raise our standards. 
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