Our Training Programmes
As the saying goes “anything worth doing at all is worth doing well.” At ‘Milestone Education Consult’ we don’t cut corners with our training programmes. Our programmes give you a thorough understanding of the Montessori philosophy and principles relevant to their age range of study and also affords you the opportunity to have hands-on experience with children in that age-range. Our courses are intensive, comprehensive and incorporate international requirements and standards in early childhood education in addition to local information regarding standards and requirements. With a sound knowledge of child development, observation techniques and what it takes to be an ideal teacher amongst other topics, you will not only be equipped to work with children in a Montessori classroom but you will learn how to apply your knowledge in other situations or environments with children outside the Montessori environment.
At ‘Milestone Education Consult’ we believe that teachers of very young children are foundation builders who determine the strength of the structure of the child’s future. As such, they must be thoroughly bred and well furnished so that the foundation they build can stand for a life time. We are well aware that knowledge is not static and as such our courses are constantly reviewed and updated to reflect new theories, principles and innovations that apply to early childhood education.
Our students are well seasoned, prepared and imbued with the tenets of the Montessori Method and are ready to take on that responsibility of helping the child maximize his potential. For them, being a Montessori teacher is not just another teaching job, it is a career, a calling and a purpose.